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Solutions for Individuals and Businesses

Financial Consultation
Business Meeting

New Business Incorporation

Executed with a Personal Touch

Sole Proprietorship Tax Preparation

A Dynamic Service for an Ever-Changing World

Business Tax Preparation 

We Understand Your Specific Needs

Marketing Division


Business Website 

Business Website 

SEO Optimization ( Online Presence)

3 Social Media Profiles 

Online Directory

Logo Building 


Business Partnerships

Building Business Relationships 


 Adding on additional business services if applicable (depends on industry) 

 Building Campaigns and Mail listing for current and future clients 

Mail Campaigns



Business Consulting 

Review Business internal and External and give full evaluation on possible improvements for customer service, operation and operational resources 

File Your Taxes Online

We service all industries 

Trust Us to Know the Ins and Outs

Concert Crowd


If you run an organization in the Entertainment sector, RESOURCEFUL INVESTMENTS can give you the tools and guidance necessary to minimize your tax burden and make the most of your revenue. Reach out to us to get a better feel for the industry-specific services we offer.

Real Estate

The Real Estate sector is known for its labyrinthine regulatory framework. Let RESOURCEFUL INVESTMENTS save you the time and headache of getting your firm’s financial documents in order. Drop us a line today to see how we can assist.

Seaside Construction

Get in touch today to see how our team of experts can save you time, effort and money.

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